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SpyderDEV Lazer Targeted PPV URLS

Today we were honored to have Zach from Spyder<DEV> join us and fully detail the inner workings of his teams new tool and more so detail how we in the PPV community can fully utilize it.

Zach is a fellow member here on the LoL Monies Network and if you care to get in touch with him directly he can be found @zspyder.

Many of us have seen or heard of this new "revolutionary" tool that was in the works but it has always been unclear as to what it really does. Speaking with Zach it became a bit clearer that Zach and his team, while developing a public use product was a bit hesitant on sharing the details, as it almost seemed he was not willing to put his product out there. It seems that Zach and his team have been monitoring traffic patters and had a wealth of deployed traffic gathering systems in place, they were personally using these to monetize CPA offers via PPV traffic.

Now I get it... It is hard for anyone in this industry to let go of something they have created and open it up to the mass of competitors. This seems to be the reason for the lack of a major launch or any heavy promotion as we are used to seeing for such a great tool.

So what is it? I asked Zach personally this question, "What makes Spyder different than SimilarWeb, Alexa, Compete, or even our own URL scraper that we have here?" His response was:

"Nothing and Everything... -

- We all know the time honored tradition of PPV is to generate targets by typing in a keyword related to the offer into a URL scraper and building a list, or identifying an offers demographics and generating lists of similar domains using Compete or Alexa, and the newest technique of using SimilarWeb to get a list of referring urls for offers. -

- If I were to group our tool it would fall into the SimilarWeb type of target building although the results will feel more like you are using a traditional URL scraper that include deep links that go beyond the base domain. This was the problem we encountered with any of the available tools that were in place and the reason we developed this tool, we wanted to be able to get traffic patters for pages within a domain and results that were not domain specific. -

- Our goal was to create a tool where we could simply enter our affiliate link into a searchbox and do the following:

  1. Identify all redirects that are triggered when the network link is clicked, these are important to us because they off such a low price on the PPV network because most marketers never even look for them, in some cases there can be 5-10 redirects!

  2. Show us all incoming and outgoing links to and from the final destination page the visitor will land on. These are the links that any PPV advertiser should be concerned with, the actual everyday visitors flow to and from an offer.

  3. Finally we wanted our system to compare domains in our database and give us a list sites similar to the offer that we can use as targets or build another report off of."

The LoL Monies Review

Spyder is a good tool, we have actually been using it for a while now and have had good results. The main beneficiary of this tool has to be our Direct Linking dept. as it is easy to generate a massive list of directly related targets using nothing more than the offers URL.

The flaws, as with any generating system nothing is perfect, if there has been little or no traffic (That the Spyder system is monitoring) through a URL the results will be limited. I have to say this has not been much of an issue and it seems to only effect really fresh offers.

In all, as a target building tool, Spyder is the new shiny toy that we are playing with and so far the results have been good. The creator is a fellow member here and while we are trying to help him out, we care about all our members, so while Zach offered us a 45% affiliate commission, we are going to pass that on to all members of the LoL Network with  45% off coupon code that Zach confirms will be available to all plans.

Spyder<DEV> 45% Off Code: SPYLOL

It looks like there is a bunch of literature on SpyderDEV  about how to use the tool, but if anyone is having trouble implementing it quickly we can definitely do a full write up on campaign creation using it. But for the most part we think it is all very straightforward, again, start with direct linking campaigns and you will quickly see how fast it goes.

Let us know what you think in the forums, open a support ticket, contact any of the admins or reach our global @LOL account.

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