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Welcome to the original BlackPops PPV Spy Scraper!  Infamous for it's cutting edge PPV/CPV scraping ability, exposing actively running campaigns on the major PPV networks. The BlackPops team has been scraping PPV networks since 2009 and continue to stay on top of the PPV Spy game.

You will literally have thousands of "REAL" marketing campaigns at your fingertips, not washed up case studies or sample PPV lander that have been copied over and over, these are campaigns being run by other affiliate marketers just like you as their income streams.

Open Server Scraper:

The BlackPops team has also created the one and only "Open Server / Backdoor Scraper". This technology has been coded into the PPV Spy Scraper, to scan and identify each landing page's server, looking for a backdoor. This not only gives you access to a marketers landing page, but their entire file structure, other campaigns, folder, files, images, scripts, etc...


Using this technology can be seriously dangerous if used improperly. We suggest that you ONLY use these tools for competitive analysis, and knowledge enhancement. Stealing others hard work is unethical and we do not condone it.

That being said if you are looking to stay ahead in this game you have to stay on top, and to stay on top you must closely monitor the competition, the BlackPops PPV spy will allow you to do that.

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