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LP Lockout

LP Lockout is a simple solution to a major problem for all affiliate marketers and webmasters in general. Landing page theft or campaign copying is the single biggest way to cut your income in half, or end it all together. Whether you create your own landing pages or are paying others, why would you not protect your investment or hard work?

  • Protect Your Websites
  • Protect Your Landing Pages
  • Protect Your Campaigns

With the huge growth of new online marketers growing daily, by far the easiest way for rookies to make some quick cash is by stealing your hard work and using it themselves without even a “thanks”. Your hard work is now making them money and cutting into your profits.

  • Prevent Theft
  • Prevent Campaign Copying
  • Prevent Spying

But that’s not all… Seasoned veterans and everyone in between are constantly “Spying” on others to see what is working and what is not. You can assume that other marketers are viewing your pages daily watching all the changes you make, or the changes you do not make, meaning you have a winning system. And guess what? Your winning system will not last long because it will be copied over and over again.

With LP Lockout you WILL be protected saving you Time, Money, and Future Earnings!


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