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LoL Monies Reward Points Explained

reward_coinsWith a new site comes new changes, one of those changes we have implemented is a points system. Ideas have been bouncing around among the admins here about what direction to go with this points system, when the social/forum aspect was fully implemented we understood that there must be some way of monitoring and rewarding active members in this community. 

The current point scale can be found @

My Account >>
Points >>
Point Scale

These are basic rewards that any member can accumulate, we will also give bonus points for starting threads / groups that are above and beyond and provide useful knowledge to the community, as well as members who actively participate in discussions.  This simply means that if you participate or add useful knowledge you will be rewarded accordingly and goes for both free and paying members alike.

At this point with such a relatively new format, the rewards are not set in stone and neither are the required thresholds, and we ask that you give your input on what you would like to see. You can leave your comments /concerns /requests in this thread: http://lolmonies.com/thread/lol-points/

Currently we have decided on a few of the following to get things going:

Tested PPV campaign (LP/targets) - 500 points

Lifetime premium membership - 1000 points

Hour long 1-1 IM session - 1500 points

Hand held campaign creation - 2000 points

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