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How to use the PPV scraper

With the new release of our scraper, let me go over a few details on how to use it.

2.0 Homepage

The new scraper is a huge improvement over the legacy LP delivery system as it is completely re-coded from the ground up, allowing us to integrate the additions of landers with our scrapers more efficiently.

The main scraper page has two input boxes, the first is the search box. This will allow you to search our database by keyword, url, category, or any data our scraper has picked up. For instance a search for "tracking202" will result in all landers that use prosper/tracking 202 as their tracking link.

The second text input box will allow you to add a target/url to our scraper.


The community and How-2's section integrates into the LoL Monies Portal and those links will be available to LoL Monies members.

The open servers list has also been integrated into the new layout and is now 100% automated, so when our scraper finds a backdoor/or open server it will be listed here. This section is open to all members (loL Monies and BlackPops)


2.0 Lander Page

The lander page is where you will see the details for the selected lander. The top portion will give you a screenshot of the lander when it was scraped (clickable for a full view), along with traffic stats for both the lander as well as the tracker.

Traffic stats can identify if a lander or tracking link has had activity, and display the amount. Landers that do not show high activity does not necessarily mean they are not a good lander as it can many cases it reflects a rather new campaign.

By clicking on either tracking data graph, a new window will open showing the Alexa details for each link. This can be useful by visiting the "clickstream" tab within Alexa, this will show you the incoming and outgoing URLs that bring traffic to the selected URL or where the visitors go directly after. This information can be valuable to PPV marketers as a way to gather related targets with little to zero competition.

The bottom section is broken up into 2 parts, LP info/Targets and a Toolbox section.

LP Info

  • Popup Full URL - The full url that was captured
  • Tracking Link - Any tracking link url that was captured
  • Category - What category this lander is listed in with BlackPops.


The targets tab will display any targets that spawned the popup. With related targets listed below.

Toolbox - URLS

The toolbox section you should find very useful, it can be used by clicking any 006092from within the LP Info/Targets section. By clicking the arrow on a URL (anything with http://) you will send that URL to the toolbox, from there you can either copy the url to use as you wish, or generate keywords from within that location. You can also use that URL as a landing page of your own!

With our new partnership we have integrated BlackPops with the creators of LP Genie allowing you to quickly create a lander of your own using any URL. You may have heard of "Trust Jacking" or "Link Jacking" well the problem with those services especially when used on PPV traffic is your lander is NEVER seen, due to script incompatibility with the PPV delivery system. Visitors are instead presented a warning asking them if they want to continue instead of actually seeing your lander. This is where LP Genie differs, it acts basically in the same way as those other services but is 100% PPV compatible, also it gets rid of exit pops, removes any tracking codes associated with the URL,  and can be used on pages that break iFrames such as youtube....


Toolbox - Keywords

By clicking the arrow next to any Keyword (including .com's) the toolbox section will present you a link to scrape all related targets for that keyword/target.

If you have any questions/suggestions/comments about the new system or any features associated with it, feel free to contact us.

  • www.cpalead.com
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