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Facebook expert has joined the team

img_facebookLike_540x360We are pleased to announce that LoL Monies has just sealed a deal with an expert in Facebook marketing, Morgan Chadsworth @fbmorgan. Morgan has been in the Facebook marketing game since it was born and is now here to help you all master this powerful traffic source. 

Feel free to reach out to him if you need any help with your Facebook campaigns, or with questions about getting into the Facebook paid advertising world. He will also be monitoring the forums so if you have a question feel free to post it, but for a faster more direct approach he recommends you add him and send him a PM. This guy is a mastermind marketer and a busy one at that, please do not flood him with basic questions that can be found with a Google search, he's a great guy and just like us is here to help you grow. Lets welcome Morgan into the community and enjoy all he has to offer us.

  • www.cpalead.com
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