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We wanted to take a few minutes and explain the best way for you our valued member to get the quickest and most relevant support that you are searching for here @ Lol Monies. There are many channels for direct interaction with the Admins along with other members and we feel they need to be detailed in order to fully benefit the community. 

Currently there are multiple channels for interaction and I will go over them in detail:


This should be your first stop when looking for answers or asking questions. The current member base here (@ the time of this post) is nearing 3k, so there is a strong community for interaction. Adding a forum was also the #1 suggestion from members, but since the incorporation only a small ratio of members are actively utilize this section.

Currently there are 2 main sections to the forums:

#1 General Forums

These threads are accessible by all members including paid, free, and custom accounts. These threads will get the most exposure and have the best  interaction results. We request that threads started here remain in the general information/question genera and do not merge into site related guides, tools, or other advanced topics. The admins here will moderate these threads and will interact on a limited basis.

#2 Private Forums

The private forums are accessible by paid/premium members, and this is where strong community interaction from admins and expert members will be conducted. If you have a question this is where you should post it. 


The social interaction of LoL Monies is similar to any other social network, each member has a profile page and all activity done on the site is collected there. This area allows  our members to easily communicate with each other using private messages, or posting directly onto another members wall. 

Feel free to reach out to other members, our admins, or on a generalized basis using the global @LoL  profile to get a fast response from whoever is monitoring.

Premium members have access to the Live Feed section, this section will keep you updated on both the social and forum activity all in one place. You can quickly comment on each activity item directly in the Live Feed, or for forum posts have a quick link to the thread.

1-1 Support

The 1-1 support area is a direct line of communication between you and our admin staff of expert marketers. If you prefer your questions to remain confidential or you are including sensitive campaign in your questions please use this channel of communication.

Our goal in outlining these different channels of communication is in an effort to migrate many of the 1-1 support questions into either the social area or the forums, in order to better help other members. If your 1-1 support ticket is a generalized question or does not contain campaign related details, it may be better to ask in the community first, again, our admins moderate and monitor the forums and social areas and will answer questions there as well. 

We also realize that we have been helping some of you for many years and the 1-1 support was the only form of communication available, some of our members do not like change, and we will continue to help everyone no matter the communication line. If you prefer to use the 1-1 support ticket system for basic questions, feel free to do so.


All PM's between any admin (or with the @LoL profile) and our members via the social side of the site as well as the 1-1 support section, will always remain confidential.



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