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What is CPAOD?

CPA Offers Direct is the latest addition to the LoL Monies Family and is a directory of CPA offers that you can run direct. This means no middle man, just you and the offer, translating into higher payouts and more money in your pocket! Many of these offers are what our team run internally and the reason we can outbid just about everyone when it comes to paid traffic, we are getting MORE ROI, and thats why we can outbid you on every target or keyword

We have also included with each offer listed in the CPAOD directory a full list of keywords and PPV target URLS that we generate for every campaign. These lists are our own internal pool of targets/keywords that we start our campaigns with. As Premium LoL Monies members we are giving you full access to this data!

Aren't there services like this already? 

Sure there are, this is not top secret information we are providing here, you can definitely find these offers on your own or use sites like OfferVault to find offers. What makes CPAOD different is  the offers we are sharing are all offers that can be run directly! No need for a CPA network account, no lead shaving to worry about, and best of all the highest payouts you can achieve.

Similar offer directory resources simply load up every offer from every network and create a massive database of offers to choose from, obviously this is good if you are shopping for the best payout but the fact is, running direct will always offer the highest payouts.

Advanced Features

As a premium Lol Monies member you will have access to our keyword and target data for each offer, this data is the raw data we use to start every campaign we run.


The keyword list is where we populate our PPC campaigns, add to PPV campaigns, or use to scrape or target Social media campaigns. These are the most relevant keywords for the offer and are the best way to start off any campaign requiring keyword type targeting.


Targets are URLS typically used for PPV campaigns, or media buys. We have multiple generators here to acquire the most relevant URLS for our offers from different sources. The goal here is to target or advertise on sites that bring the most targeted traffic to an offer. Our target generators build large lists of the best possible URLS to use in our campaign creation process.

Why run direct offers?

Higher Payouts

The #1 reason for running direct offers is to get the high payouts that come with eliminating the CPA network completely. 

Create your own offer

By combining multiple direct offers you can create your own "sub offer" (think email submits/short form offers) 75% of the CPA offers available on any given CPA network and nothing more than repackaged offers promoting another product or service. If your getting $100 by refering a visitor directly you can certainly create an offer (nothing more than a landing page) submit it to CPA networks and offer a payout of $75.

The most common occurrence of this is in the dating field. Sites like Cupid will allow you to white label niche signups and that is why you see all these "(insert age)+ dating" / "(insert race/religion)PeopleMeet" type of offers available on the CPA networks. In many cases this is how CPA networks get started, they build their own offers using nothing more than a direct offer for a foundation. Think of it like using CPA networks as your traffic source...

Add your offers!

If you own an offer or would like one added to the directory feel free to manually add it. Once our team approves it, your offer will be live on the site.

If you are looking for keywords or targets for offers that are not available to run directly you may add those also, please use the category "Network Offers" and we will run our tools on it giving you target and keyword data sets.

If you have any questions/suggestions/or comments on this resource, as always post in the forums, or contact us via any of the other channels available.


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