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CPA Dominator Maximum Conversions

CPA Dominator-medEasily dominate any CPA offer by displaying only what NEEDS to be displayed. What we are doing here is iframing the lead capture part (or the entire page)  of the CPA offer and placing it where ever we want in our own landing page. This can be used to display CPA offers directly on your domain, or if your creative only display the "important parts" within a custom landing page.

iFrames are easy to use and have been around forever, but the problem marketers have always faced was what happens after the visitor inserts their details... They click submit and your offer loads in the tiny area you iFramed...

What separates out tool (not including the simplicity of the actual selection process) is what happens after you collect your commission. Once the visitor clicks submit, instead of your CPA offer opening in that tiny iFrame window, it now expands to show the entire second page of the offer (great for page 2 conversions) along with the option to popup a thank you message and possibly include instructions for the visitor. But it does not end there, you could also easily redirect the visitor to another offer (or URL of your choice) from the second page, increasing your commissions!

CPA Dominator also offers full referrer blanking and protects your custom landing page from all visitors that need not see it!

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